How Much Do MRI Techs Make in California

MRI Techs – Job Description

MRI techs are medical professionals who are responsible for the operation of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine used in taking photographs of a patient’s organs and tissues.

MRI machines use magnetic fields and radio waves to produce images that can be used to determine the presence of certain substances in the body and are vital to the diagnosis of brain injuries, cancers, and a variety of other conditions. These images are then used by doctors, who can use these images as a diagnostic tool.

MRI technicians work on equipment ranging from simple machines to very complex technology. They also help physicians and scientists in their research efforts by analyzing MR images and carrying out experiments.

MRI technicians typically work in hospitals and clinics, but they may also be found in research institutions, government agencies, or private practices working under a physician’s supervision.

The MRI tech job description is usually all-encompassing and demanding, but it also offers many opportunities for growth. In order to succeed in this role, a candidate must have strong technical skills and an understanding of MRI technology as well as experience in radiology procedures.

The job description of an MRI technician is a diverse one with duties varying depending on the facility in which they work. Below are some of the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities required of an MRI Technician:

  • Operate MRI equipment effectively for the purpose of capturing diagnostic images
  • Help in the preparation of MRI procedures by ensuring the rooms are clean, organized, and safe for MRI examinations
  • Explaining the MRI process to the patients and ensuring the patients comply with all safety standards.
  • Monitoring MRI equipment functions.
  • Recognizing abnormalities and irregularities in images.
  • Explaining the MRI process and examination procedures to patients
  • Help to properly position a patient correctly for examinations and ensure patients are comfortable during MRI examinations
  • Monitoring patients during scanning and maintaining patients’ records.
  • Recognizing abnormalities and irregularities in images.
  • Ensuring clear images for Physicians to provide accurate diagnosis report.
  • Positioning patients to capture clear images of the correct part of the body.

MRI Techs – Salary In California

MRI technicians are often considered the backbone of MRI departments as they work as a team with radiologists and other medical professionals to image and diagnose the human body.

How Much Do MRI Techs Make in California? It is estimated that the annual median salary for an MRI technician in California is $91,660

The average hourly wage for an MRI technician in California is $44.07, which amounts to about $91,660 per year. The lowest 20% makes about $57,250 annually, while the highest 20% makes about $126,760 per year.

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