How Much Do Paralegals Make in Texas

Paralegals – Job Description

A Paralegal is someone who performs major and official legal work as authorized by the law. Most people consider the main duty, as a Paralegal is an assistant to an attorney and in the absence of a Paralegal, work will be done by the attorney.

A Paralegals work exceed beyond just that, Paralegal works infamously in performing tasks like editing and preparing contracts or documents for an uprising case.

Paralegals prepare sworn statements and commonality reviewing case details with attorneys and clients. Documents for these cases are carefully sorted out, analyzed and filed by him/her based on the instructions given by the attorney. The nature of paralegal work and the limitations the law place varies between nations and jurisdictions.

A paralegal is either hired by an attorney, law firm, government agency, cooperation, or other entries. Below enlists a paralegals job description; important duties, responsibilities, and tasks which is expected of a Paralegal.

  • Paralegals assist lawyers by carrying out office administration like, maintaining a legal library, organizing files, and drafting documents.
  • Inviting of legal witnesses, and taking statements from them.
  • Paralegals also take on the responsibility of interviewing of clients and passing on relative information.
  • Providing clerical and research support services.
  • Paralegals arrange expert psychological evaluations in family law divorce and custody matters.
  • Analyzing and summarizing depositions, prepare and answering interrogations.
  • Paralegal also handles drafting of paperwork in probate cases, like bankruptcies and investigations.
  • Supports solicitors prepare for trials, hearings, and meetings.
  • Handling applications to barristers.
  • They are also responsible in billing of clients.
  • Assists attorneys to fill up stock certificates.

Paralegal – Salary

Paralegals have the ability to handle a broad range of tasks in the legal field and they are usually employed by law firms, but they also can be self-employed. There are many factors that determine how much a paralegal makes in Texas. A paralegal’s salary can be determined by their experience,qualifications, education and location.

How Much Do Paralegals Make in Texas? It is estimated that the annual average salary for a paralegal in Texas is $56,270. The average hourly wage for paralegals in Texas is $27.05, which amounts to about $56,270 per year.

However, the range of salaries for this profession is wide. The lowest-paid paralegals make $29,980 per year while the highest-paid ones make more than $105,614 per year.

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