How Much Do Physician Assistants Make in Michigan

Who is a Physician Assistant?

Physician assistants practice medicine with a wide range of responsibilities in a changing healthcare system to meet new concerns, such as an aging baby boomer population, a rise in managed care, and a greater emphasis on disease prevention and wellness.

A physician assistant (PA) is a highly trained medical professional with an advanced degree capable of providing direct patient care. They practice medicine under the supervision of doctors and surgeons, from aiding during surgery to providing emergency treatment. Physician Assistants will frequently serve as primary care physicians. Patients are examined, medications are administered, medical and diagnostic tests are ordered, ailments are diagnosed, and counsel patients and their families.

PAs is an important part of today’s team-based approach to health care, especially with a growing scarcity of healthcare providers. They help a wide spectrum of people and communities access high-quality health care. Physician assistants work in various settings, including doctors’ offices, hospitals, and outpatient clinics.

Unlike medical assistants who can earn a certificate or an associate’s degree from a vocational school or college that takes approximately one to two years to complete, physician assistant, on the other hand, needs to earn a bachelor’s degree, is required to pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), then has to apply to a physician assistant program.

Physician Assistants Job Description

Physician assistants have a number of responsibilities that need them to deal with patients and their families regularly. Here are some common roles and duties:

  • Provide direct clinical treatment to patients and, when needed, consult with and refer patients to other healthcare experts.
  • Appropriate diagnostic tests and therapy should be recommended and explained.
  • Assist in the operation room (open) and other specialized and technical procedures.
  • Skillfully perform cystoscopy and complicated catheterization.
  • Patients should be instructed and educated.
  • Discuss any concerns about follow-up care with patients or family members.
  • Document every aspect of the patient’s care and assist with the completion of all relevant paperwork.
  • Examine clinical care in light of the available evidence.
  • As needed, provide and document clinical instructions.
  • Assist medical and allied health students with clinical education and supervision.
  • To facilitate continued comprehensive patient care management, communicate with community physicians, other health care professionals, and community organizations frequently.
  • Ensure that CAPA and patient needs are met through ongoing education, training, and growth.
  • Care is required.
  • To guarantee continuity of treatment, collaborate with all health care providers, patients, and families.
  • The standard of care is upheld.
  • Encourage and maintain positive working relationships with all team members.
  • Participate actively in Alberta’s formal Physician Assistant Demonstration Project of health services.
  • Provide extra services under the direction and supervision of a physician in exceptional circumstances while remaining within the PA’s clinical competence.
  • Work in accordance with AHS policies and procedures.

Physician Assistant Requirements and skills

  • Work experience as a Physician Assistant or Nurse is required.
  • Medical rules and methods for evaluation, therapy, and recuperation are important to know.
  • Familiarity with advanced medical technology and current knowledge
  • Problem-solving skills and ability to multi-task
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Team player with excellent communication abilities
  • Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies, Health Science, or Medical Science

Physician Assistant Salary

Physician Assistants can work in a number of practice areas and settings such as hospitals, or outpatient care centers, and they can provide care at a lesser cost than doctors. Work can be demanding, both physically and emotionally, but can also be rewarding when helping patients. 

How Much Do Physician Assistants Make in Michigan? The estimated annual average salary of a physician assistant in Michigan is $108,200.

The average hourly wage for a Physician Assistant in Michigan is $52.02 which amounts to about $108,200 per year. The lowest 20% makes about $84,950 annually, while the highest 20% makes about $136,840 per year.

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