How Much Do Toll Collectors Make in Florida?

Toll Collectors – Job Description

It’s very necessary to keep track of people who come by to toll roads or private facilities, and also to keep out toll evaders, which is why there is every need for a toll collector on roadsides, highways, and tunnels. Having good communication skills is also necessary as a toll collector to be able to relate with drivers and other road users.

Technology is slowly eliminating the jobs of human toll booth workers since many states are upgrading to the electronic system, which no longer requires someone to be present at the toll booths. Toll collectors can work on bridges, highways, and national tolled roads.

A toll booths worker ensures that all toll roads, tunnels operate efficiently and smoothly by making calculations on the number of axels reported vehicles freight type and weight for tractor-trailers.

A toll collector is also expected to give directions to any customer when asked for. The following are some of the responsibilities and duties of a toll booth worker:

  • Toll collector main duty is into maintaining of toll booths on roadsides, highways, tunnels, and also opening and closing of toll booth.
  • Toll collectors are responsible for organizing and collecting of tolls such as currency, tickets, scrip, and others
  • A toll collector confirms the amount a customer/ patrons owe, collect payments in cash, and make changes for every patron when necessary.
  • He/ she are also saddled to issue receipts to drivers, who make use of toll roads after making tolls payment.
  • Toll collectors ensure the balancing of cash, and keeping data of money received at the end of every daily shift.
  • He/ she is also entitled to record information about non – paying drivers and taking it up to the concerned authority so the case can be taking care of properly.
  • Toll booths worker also provides personal services and information to road users, as in the case of asking for directions from the toll booth to the nearest exits, and informing road users of accidents on the road ahead.
  • Preparing of weekly payroll time sheets for employees.
  • He/ she also reports dangerous and illegal road users.
  • Opening and closing of gates for motorist

Toll Collectors – Salary

Toll Collector can be a Federal, State, or government-hired individual whose main duty is to maintain toll booths on highways, roadsides, bridges, and national tolled roads collecting tolls from drivers, passengers, and road users for a fund in the maintenance of infrastructure in the tolled road.

How Much Do Toll Collectors Make in Florida? It is estimated that the annual average salary for a Toll Collector in Florida is $27,614. The average hourly wage for toll collectors in Florida is $11.84, which amounts to about  $27,614 per year.

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