How to Sign Up for Walmart Plus as an Employee

Walmart is an American Multi-International retail corporation that operates different grocery stores, supercenters and discount departmental stores from its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. Started in 1962 by Sam Walton, today it operates in over 24 countries with about 2.3 million employees.

For years, Walmart has been the top retail store for groceries, gadgets, toys, household essentials, etc. And with the launch of its new online paid store Walmart Plus, it only gets better. Its new program Walmart Plus is a paid membership site designed for frequent Walmart shoppers. The site provides essential Walmart customers a new way to shop and access various types of discounts and free deliveries, for a very little subscription fee.

Walmart Plus provides a whole new shopping experience for both customers and employees with access to selected deals and first-hand updates on restock events, as well as discounts on fuel at more than 2000 Walmart and Murphy fuel stations.

How To Sign Up for Walmart Plus

With the new membership out, it is only right to take full advantage of it by creating your own account and start enjoying all the sweet deals it comes with. Signing up for Walmart Plus is very simple and easy, and wouldn’t take up to 5mins of hour time. But keep in mind that the program is not yet available in all cities at the moment, so you might want to check first before trying to sign up.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to sign up for Walmart Plus and start your ultimate shopping experience.

First of all, we’d have to visit their official website to get started. Click on start 30 days free trial, you would then be taken to a page where you’re asked to sign in or create an account. If you already have an account, input your details, otherwise click “Create an account”.

Review your Eligibility

Once you’re ready to create your account, a menu where you’re to input your details like name, phone number and a valid shipping address( with the zip code) appears. While typing, the form might automatically suggest some matches to your address, so it’s best you click on the one address that best suits your particular location. After this, the site would review the available Walmart benefits to your region and give you an option to accept or reject. Due to your region, only one or two of the three benefits might be available but if you’re lucky then all three just might be.

After reviewing your Walmart Eligibility, you can click continue if you’re comfortable with the benefits available to your region and proceed to complete your registration.

Complete your Registration

Signing up for Walmart Plus is a seamless process, with a friendly interface that guides you throughout. At this point all you need to do is input some personal information which includes your full name( which should tally with the one on your card), a valid email address, and proceed to create a password.

Once you’ve verified and computed all necessary information, you’d be asked to input your credit/debit card information for instant payout on shopping. This also allows you to start your 30 days free trial after which you’d be charged $98 a year or $12.95/month. The trial comes with terms and conditions, which I’d advise you to read before proceeding. One important term is that you lose all Walmart Plus benefits if you cancel your subscription before the 30 trials end.

Start Shopping

From here, you can immediately start your shopping by either browsing the “Pick up and Delivery” section or simply just click on “Start Shopping”. Now that you’re a member, orders with qualifications will always be delivered for free. Although there’s a $35 minimum purchase for all delivery orders, shopping is unlimited. Some of the incredible offers being a Walmart Plus member comes with include;

  • Walmart Plus RX Savings

Walmart just added a whole new savings plan on health care to its membership benefits. RX Savings in a new health care benefit available to only paid members, giving access to shop for commonly prescribed medications such as heart health medications, antibiotics, mental health medications diabetes and allergies management medications, and more at zero cost and some 85% off.

  • Fuel Discounts

Walmart Plus members can now save up to 10 cents per gallon on all fuel purchases at participating gas stations across the US. With rising prices in fuel globally, Walmart thought it fit to give subscribers exclusive discounts and savings options in fuels purchased at partnering stations like Murphy USA, Murphy Express and now even ExxonMobil Gas stations nationwide.

  • Free Deliveries

Members would now receive an unlimited free and fast delivery of over 160,000 items from Walmart Plus, ranging from tech, groceries, toys and even household essentials. With a nationwide delivery at no cost only for exclusive members of Walmart Plus.

Benefits of Walmart Plus

Welcome to the unmatched shopping experience that Walmart Plus offers. Now that you’ve completely registered, you are now a Walmart Plus member and can enjoy unlimited shopping of groceries, food items, toys and a lot more accessories. You also benefit from Walmart Plus shopping coupons, first-hand details on restocked items, and huge savings and discounts when you refuel your Gas from any of Walmart’s partnering Gas stations.

This and more you stand to gain at one of the cheapest shopping deals available today. Walmart Plus also has an affordable subscription amount of $98 per annum which is about $12 less than its competitors’. Adding to this is the stress-free first-hand shopping it brings. With the whole store at your fingertips and free delivery nationwide, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from shopping to the fullest.

If you’d also like, you can download the WalmartPlus app on your devices for an easy scan as you go e experience. Simply select and order all the items you’d wish to buy, make payments online and walk to their nearest retail office to scan your order code and pick up your shopped items.

Be rest assured there’s an offer for everyone as Walmart also brings good news for gamers as Walmart Plus has partnered with play station to organize an exclusive PS5 restock event for subscribers, so what are you waiting for? Sign up now for Walmart Plus and enjoy unlimited offers.

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