Top 10 Banks In USA

When choosing a bank to help keep and handle your finances, you’d probably want only the best that is available to help keep track of your money. Some banks today don’t meet up to that standard, and might not exactly give you the satisfaction you’d want.

When It comes to finances, there are some banks that have held the game down for a long, bringing the best services in an easy and stress-free way. These banks over the years have brought millions of Americans a better understanding of financial management and how best to make their money work.

This is more of the reason why choosing a bank should be as easy as trusting them with your money, excepting the best network service, little or no charge rate, convincing packages to help boost your fiance and good interest rate.

All this and more make a Bank stand out, which is why I’ve compiled a list of the best banks in the United States that provides this service while giving you effortless peace of mind.

Fifth Third Bank

Value: $210 Billion

No. of Branches: 1100+ in 11 states

Fifth-Third Bank is a financial corporation, which is the principal member of Fifth Third Bancorp, with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. The bank got its name from its two predecessor banks, Fifth National Bank and Third National Banks.

The Bank helps keep records of personal finances for individuals and companies. The bank also helps small-scale businesses, corporate firms, and investment clients. With branches spreading across  Illinois, Florida, North and South Carolina, and majorly in South and Midwest America.

Capital One Bank

Value: $381 Billion

No. of Branches: 300+ in 8 states

Capital One is an American bank holding company, that operates from and is headquartered in McLean, Virginia. This future-forward Bank has greatly grown over the past couple of years thanks to its huge step in digital technology, creating its own AI-powered chatbot.

In 2019, Capital One bought FinTech, a digital company that offers financial management and wealth control for people approaching retirement, presenting possible packages for best management for retirement age. Through modern technology and the industrial capability of Capital One, Fintech has been able to attract customers with instant customer care service through digital AI tech.

TD Bank

Value:  $424 Billion

No. of Branches: 1200+ in 15 states

TD Bank is a subsidiary of the multinational  TD Bank groups. It is an American national bank that operates majorly on the East Coast, with Headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

TD Bank through its international influence has become one of the biggest banks in the U.S, utilizing digital technologies and applying artificial intelligence to help achieve company-to-customer relations and services, retaining its title as ‘America’s most Convenient Bank’.

TD bank partnered with KAI consumer banking to launch an Artificial Intelligent chatbot called Clari. This new technology was first launched in Canada and so far hasn’t crossed the border into the US, but from its success would likely soon be in the United States.

Truist Bank

Value: $528 Billion

No. of Branches: 2500+ in 17 states

Truist Bank is financial cooperation based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and operates in over 17 states in the United States.  It was established in 2019, as the product of the merger between SunTrust Bank and BB&T, and today has become one of America’s biggest and best Bank financial institutions.

With branches across America, truist banks now offer new financial benefits to customers, including commercial banking, mortgages, asset management, insurance product security brokerage and various other financial services to help improve your finances.

PNC Bank

Value: $547 Billion

No. of Branches: 2800+ in 30 states

PNC Bank also known as PNC Financial Service Group, Inc. Is an American Financial Services and Bank holding company. Its headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and they operate across 30 states in the US including the District of Columbus.

PNC is one of the leading American banks today, thanks to its innovative thinking and new creative ways of ensuring data and asserting security. PNC Bank previously piloted new forms of credit aces that refreshes periodically, giving holder new card data like changing CVV, to limit the possibility of ha k by fraudsters.

More recently, the Bank introduced hybrid solution centers. These centers housed self-solving tools like mobile workstations and ATMs that can easily solve minor problems from customers without the need of visiting an actual Bank branch.

U.S Bank

Value: $552 Billion

No. of Branches: 2300+ in 28 states

U.S Bancorp is an American bank holding company that provides payment services products, trusts, mortgages and banking investments to individuals, government organizations and other refinancing institutions. With Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota it operates in  over 28 states, mainly in the Western and Midian states.

U.S Bancorp is the parent Bank to the U.S Bank National Association, and considered one of the most important banks in America today systematically, by the Financial stability Board.


Value: $1.01 Trillion

No. of Branches: 700+ in 11 states

Citi Bank is one of the largest banks in America today. Citibank is an international financial company established in 1812, it is a member of the much larger organization, Citigroup.

In its over 100 years of existence, Citibank has stood as an important Bank playing huge roles in war bonds and other international events. It has an asset well over a Trillion dollars and Branches in over 18 countries in the world, making it one of America’s top Banks.

Wells Fargo Bank

Value: $1.76 Trillion

No. of Branches: 4900+ in 36 states

Wells Fargo& Company is an American Financial service company, whose corporate headquarters is in San Francisco, California, operational headquarters in Manhattan, New York and over 4000 Branches across the country.

Following the footsteps of top financial services, Wells Fargo has been able to reach millennials. Over the last couple of years, they have been focusing more of their business on high revenue-generating sectors, like use of credit cards and AI to better serve their customers and provide the best service possible.

Bank of America 

Value: $2.39 Trillion

No. of Branches: 4200+ in 37 states

Bank of America, commonly known as BoA, is an American Financial holding company and multinational investment bank. It’s headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina and has Branches in over 37 states.

BoA has been able to develop digital Branches, giving customers access to multiple self services that makes banking easy and stress free. With its new digital A.I, Erica it has changed the game giving customers new ways of handling finances and bringing the bank to your mobile phone with talk backs and other innovative services.

Chase Bank

Value: $2.62 Trillion

No. of Branches: 4800+ in 48 states

One of the biggest banks in the United States today is easily chased by banks. The JP Morgan Chase bank is an American Financial institution founded by John Pierpont Morgan Chase, who had a vision of closing the racial wealth gap in America, therefore the establishment of the group.

Chase Bank has since won the heart of Americans, and is always looking for new ways to evolve and bring better services to Americans, through financial and investment assistance. And today is one of the biggest investors in banking technology.

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