Top 10 Most Popular Beers in USA

Most Popular Beers in USA

According to Universal statistics, beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the United States. In 2016, it was noted that an average American consumed about 75 liters of beer, and the numbers have only been increasing ever since. 

Beer is the third most consumed drink in the world, a few steps behind only water and tea. It is widely made from the fermentation and brewing of malted barley, maize, wheat, oat, and sometimes rice. Beer has been the go to alcoholic drink for adults and young Americans trying out alcohol for the first time.

Today’s beers are brewed with hops to serve as preservatives while adding a bit of bitterness and other flavors to it. Some research reviews show that daily consumption of beer in adults reduces the chances of any heart-related disease.

The large consumption of this drink in the US today results in an even larger demand for top quality and finest brewed beer drinks in the country. To meet this, various beers have been tried and tested, some locally made and others imported from neighboring countries like Mexico, all to meet the high demand for beer in the country.

If you have ever wondered what the most consumed beers are, or want to try out beer for the first time and want only the best available that would give you all the benefits and good alcohol and leave you craving more, here’s a list of top 10 most popular beers in the United States.

Keystone Light

This is a light body smooth refreshing beer, with about 4.1% alcohol by volume. It is produced and manufactured by Molson Coors Beverages, in Colorado and marketed throughout the United States and Canada. Keystone Light can be found in bars, restaurants and hotels in Kennedy, canned and sometimes bottled form.

In 2018, the company shipped over 3.5 million barrels and became one of the most consumed beers in the country. The best still remains a top choice even after 25 years of its establishment, thanks to its smooth taste which you can easily pair with hot dogs, barbecue or any other fast food you deem appropriate.

Busch Beer

Busch beers is a product of Anheuser-Busch International, one of the largest brewing companies in the United States. Among its 12 beers being produced and marketed in the United States, Busch beers rank amongst the best sales, shipping over 4 million barrels a year.

Busch Beer is highly praised for its unique taste, and long-lasting quality, gaining a silver medal at the 2011 Great American beer Festival for its unique cultural American Style taste. The beer has 4.7% alcohol, brewed with exceptional barley malt, fine grains, exceptional barley malt, and natural water that would keep you refreshed all day long

Corona Extra

Corona Extra Beers is a Mexican beer Brand brewed by Cervecera Modelo and owned by AB International, a Belgian company. The company blends corn, hops, and barley malts to produce a smooth mash bill. The beer is preferentially served with lemon or lime to add flavor and tartness to your drink.

Corona Extra is the most popular imported beer in the United States, importing over 10 million barrels a year into the US, and selling an average of 3.6% more each year since 2018. 

Coors Light

Coors Light is a 4.2% alcoholic volume beer, which has been brewed with the finest quality since 1978, as a subsidiary of Molson Coors Beverages Ltd. It is produced in the U.S and Canada and marketed across the United Kingdom and  Australia. 

In 2020, Coors Light was a bestseller in restaurants, accounting for about 7.3% of total beer sales, making it one of the most popular and in-demand beers in the United States today. Best served chilled (cold), the light beer has a brown bottle with a blue label, tradable by its Mountains. It is usually canned or bottled for distribution.

Michelob Ultra

One of the healthier choices on the list is this fine blend of Herkules hops and wholesome grain, mixed to give the lightest beer extract possible, the Michelob Ultra. Over the years, it has been branded a sports drink, with most of its ambassadors being athletes, like the beach volleyball star Kerry Walsh Jenning.

Michelob Ultra has the least carbs and calories compared to the average normal beer and has only 4.2% alcoholic volume. This makes it the ideal beer for baby boomers, people on a diet who still want to have the refreshing taste of lager, and young adults trying out alcohol for the first time. In a 2019 stat, Michelob Ultra was the third largest beer in the United States according to sales, only behind Coor beers and Bud Light.


Guinness is an Irish dry stout by Guinness and Co. Brewery, established in 1759 at St.James Gate Dublin, Ireland by Arthur Guinness himself, and today it’s not just a family name but one of the best-selling beers worldwide. The brand is best known for its signature black bitter taste, which is termed a “Perfect Balance between Butter and Sweet”. 

Usually, Americans prefer locally made products and are fond of promoting their own, with the breweries industry not left out, but in terms of popularity, there is no ruling this brand out. Guinness has made a global mark, even in the United States, shipping over 1.2 million barrels into the states and making an average of 2% annual sales increase since 2017.

Guinness has an alcoholic volume of 4.2%, perfectly brewed with roasted unmalted barley and malted barley, a unique formula that gives it its standout taste.


Heineken NV is a Dutch brewing company that produces and distributes the premium Heineken Lager Beer. The brand is symbolized by its unique green bottle, with a big red star on it besides its trademark name. They boast of three perfect ingredients, barley, hops and water, which together with 5% alcoholic volume make the perfect stand-out taste.

This has been the number choice for Americans looking for something other than the usual American beer blend but still has the smooth light beer taste they need. In 2019, Heineken accounted for about 5.8% of beer unit sales in restaurants, making close to $600million in total sales the following year.

Miller Lite Beer

Born of the increased prices of imported beers, which were slowly taking over the market in the 1970s. The light beer is produced and sold by Molson Coors of Chicago, Illinois. With an alcoholic percent of only 5.0, the perfect blend of hops and malt stands tall amongst the leading light beers in the States.

Often referred to as the original list beer, Miller Lite sure knows how to give that original smooth light taste every beer lover seeks. With a trademark bright golden bottle and white crown, Miller Lite leaves a burst of refreshment and the taste of sweet caramel. Over the years, Miller Lite Beer has continued to increase in sales and popularity, becoming a nationwide brand since sponsoring the likes of the Chicago Bears, Milwaukee Bucks, and other sports clubs.


Produced in 1876 by Conrad&Co. of Missouri, Budweiser is now a national hero and universal brand in the breweries industry. It is part of the top-selling Anheuser-Busch of AvB InBev beers, with an average of 13million barrels sold every year. This native American brand is made with 30% rice grains, in addition to barley malt and hops. 

Budweiser has since spread across over 80 countries with its signature filtered beer in white and red bottles or cans. The self-proclaimed King of Beers has a unique process where it adds Beachwood to the fermentation of years, to increase its contact with the beer, giving it the unique King of Beer tastes we all fancy.

Bud Light 

The Biggest and by a distance America’s favorite Beer is none other than the infamous BudLight beer. This Classic American brand controls 13.5% of the brewery market shares, becoming its own pop cultural icon. 

Since its inception in 1982, Bud light has slowly peaked the beer market, marketing from it’s signature brown bottle wrapped in blue label, to its name, building a family and endorsing the biggest name in the sport, fashion and entertainment industries. This beer is made from the finest quality subtle hops and sweetest barley malt, giving it a perfect crispy finishing with a 4.2% alcoholic volume.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect beer to start off with or planning on taking your business to the next level in restaurants, bars or wholesale beer distribution, these beers would definitely give the desired result as the most popular beers with the finest brewing quality.

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