10 Longest Rivers in the World

Longest Rivers in the World

A river is a naturally flowing Waterhouse, flowing from a natural source and going towards a sea, ocean, lake, or another river. It is not so uncommon for rovers to flow back into the ground and become dry towards the end of their course journey.

A river has a lot of importance and can be a good source of growth for the city it flows through, like the Nile River, which was the very source of living for Egyptians in the 18th century. Rivers connect cities, countries, and even continents, boosting the exchange of resources through its flow system.

Having a loyalty of geological, biological, and economical importance, rivers have since been an advance to many cultures. It is believed that the longer a river, the greater its significance. This is why a lot is to be considered when defining the length of a river.

Amur-Argun River

Location: Russia, China, Mongolia

Length: 4,444

To kick off our list is the tenth longest river in the world, the Amur-Argun or Ergune river of Russia. At a length of about 4,444km, it forms the eastern China-Russia border. The Argun river makes up 944km of the Chinese border, then links up with the Amur river to form one of the longest Rivers. 

The river flows from the western slope of the Greater Xiang’an Range, in Inner Mongolia China. This river then flows to be discharged into the Pacific ocean.

Congo-Chambeshi River

Location: Central Africa 

Length: 4,700

Forming a confluence on the river Lualaba is the Congo-Chambeshi river. The Congo River which is also known as the Zaire river together with the Chambeshi river of northeastern Zambian together forms the ninth longest River in the world. It is the second largest river by discharge volume and the world’s deepest river.

The confluence is called Luabala, which starts at lake Tanganyika east Africa, and flows onto the Atlantic Ocean, making it the only major river that crossed the equator twice

Rio De LaPlata River

Location: South America

Length: 4,880

The Rio De laPlata river can easily be called River Plate using British English. It is one of the longest Rivers In the World, formed as a result of the confluence of the Uruguay river and Parana river at Punta Gorda. This river originates from Punta Gorda, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean, forming a funnel shape on the South American coastline.

Ob-Irtysh River

Location: Russia

Length: 5,410

Russia has a lot of Long rovers, which includes the Ob River. It is a major Russian river located in Western Siberia. The Ob River together with the Irtysh river flowing simultaneously at a point forms the seven longest rivers in the world known as the Ob-Irtysh River. These long river forms at the confluence of Biyan and Katun and is among the three rivers discharging into the Arctic Ocean.

Yellow River

Location: Qinghai, China

Length: 5,464

The yellow river is the second longest river in China, flowing about 5,464km. It originates in the Bayan Har Mountains, Qinghai which is in the western province of China. After flowing through nine provinces, it then discharges at the Bohai Sea, not far from the city of Dongying in Shandong province.

Yenisei River 

Location: Mongolia, Russia

Length: 5,539

A Little bit confusing in terms of spelling- it can also be called or spelled as a Yenisey, Enisei, or Jenisej- The river is the fifth longest in the world and has the biggest drain flowing into the Arctic Ocean. The river originates in Mungaragiyn-gol, Mongolia. It then flows north into the Yenisei Gulf in the Kara Sea. 

Mississippi River

Location: United States of America

Length: 6,275

Mississippi was once considered the longest River in the world but has now been discovered to be the third longest in length. It starts from lake Itasca in Minnesota and flows 6,275 km to discharges in the Gulf of Mexico.

The river only flows across the United States and Canada and is the major river of the second largest drainage in the entire North America. 

Yangtze River

Location: Qinghai, China

Length: 6,300

The Yangtze River, which in modern Chinese is now called Chang Jiang, is the longest Rivers In the whole Asian continent, and the third longest in the world. One of the impressive things about this river is it’s significant historical importance to China as a nation, notably, it only flows within one country; China. Thereby the longest River in the world flowing in only one country.

The river opens at Tanggula mountain in China and flows about 6,300 km across the country to discharge into the East China Sea.

Amazon River

Location: South America 

Length: 6,575

The Amazon River might be the second river in terms of length, but it is by far the largest in terms of flow discharge in the world, with an average discharge greater than that of the next seven rivers combined.

The river is located in South America, flowing through Brazil and Peru, from its headwaters in Mantaro River, on Cordillera Rumi, Peru. It then flows down to discharge at the Atlantic Ocean.

Nile River

Location: North East Africa

Length: 6,650

The river Nile with an impressive length of 6,650km is the longest flowing river in the world today. It flows through North-East Africa and serves as a big history part of most countries within this region.

The river serves as a major source of livelihood for about 11 African countries, flowing through their business and discharging in the Mediterranean Sea. These countries include; Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, DR Congo, Eritrea, Republic of Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Egypt.

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