10 Things to Do in Biloxi, Mississippi 

The beautiful Biloxi city is one of two Harrison County, Mississippi, United States county seats. It is just adjacent to the co-seat of Gulfport. Biloxi lies along the Gulf Coast on the southern coast of Mississippi. As of 2020, the city had a population of 49,449, making it the state’s fourth-largest city. Biloxi is the principal city of the Gulfport–Biloxi metropolitan area and is home to over 400,000 residents. 

Biloxi, Mississippi, nestled along the stunning Gulf Coast, is a city that combines natural beauty with a vibrant cultural scene effortlessly. Known for its pristine beaches, Biloxi offers visitors the chance to unwind and soak up the sun while enjoying the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Its rich history is evident in its charming architecture and fascinating museums, such as the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum, which celebrates Biloxi’s maritime heritage. Biloxi is also renowned for its lively casino resorts, offering thrilling nightlife and entertainment options.

Beyond its coastal allure, Biloxi boasts a delectable culinary scene that showcases the region’s fresh seafood delicacies. Visitors can indulge in mouthwatering Gulf shrimp, oysters, and fish, prepared with unique Southern and Creole flavor blend. For those seeking outdoor adventures, Biloxi is a gateway to exciting activities such as fishing charters, dolphin-watching tours, and kayaking through the scenic Back Bay. Whether you are looking for relaxation, entertainment, or an immersion into the rich cultural heritage of the Gulf Coast, Biloxi is a captivating destination that offers something for everyone.

What is Biloxi Famous For?

Biloxi, Mississippi, is famous for its beautiful beaches, lively casino scene, rich cultural heritage, and delicious seafood. Commonly referred to as the “Playground of the South,” Biloxi attracts visitors with its stunning white sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. The city offers opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, and various water sports, making it a popular destination for beach lovers.

Biloxi is also renowned for its vibrant casino industry. The city is home to several world-class casinos, including Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and IP Casino Resort Spa. These establishments offer a wide range of gaming options, live entertainment, and upscale dining experiences, attracting visitors from near and far.

Biloxi also has a rich cultural heritage influenced by Native American, French, Spanish, and African American roots. The city boasts historical landmarks, such as the Biloxi Lighthouse and the Beauvoir, the historic home of Jefferson Davis. Biloxi is also known for its delectable seafood cuisine, with abundant fresh Gulf Coast seafood. Visitors can enjoy mouthwatering dishes like shrimp, oysters, and gumbo and indulge in local favorites like po’boys and crawfish. The city is generally famous for its stunning beaches, vibrant casino scene, cultural landmarks, and delicious seafood offerings, creating a diverse and exciting destination for travelers.

Exciting Things to do in Biloxi

There are a lot of adventurous journeys and sites to visit when in Biloxi, which helps complete your tourism and make the visit worth it. They include;

A Visit to the Beauvoir

 The Beauvoir is the historic home of the president of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis. Explore the beautifully restored mansion, take a walk through the gardens, andget some real insight on the history of the American Civil War.

Explore the Biloxi Lighthouse

The Biloxi Lighthouse has been an iconic landmark on the Mississippi Gulf Coast since 1848. Take a tour of the lighthouse and, if possible, climb to the top for breathtaking views of the coastline.

 Enjoy the Beaches

 Biloxi boasts several beautiful beaches along its coastline. Spend a day or two soaking up the sun, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, or building sandcastles on the shores. Famous beaches include Biloxi Beach and Gulfport Beach.

Visit the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art

This unique museum celebrates the work of George E. Ohr, a renowned potter known as the “Mad Potter of Biloxi.” Explore the striking contemporary architecture of the museum and admire the collection of Ohr’s pottery and other art exhibitions.

Try Your Luck at the Casinos

Biloxi is home to several world-class casinos. Test your luck at the slot machines, play poker or blackjack, and enjoy live entertainment. Some popular casinos in Biloxi include Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and IP Casino Resort Spa.

Take a Boat Tour

 Embark on a boat tour to explore the beautiful waterways surrounding Biloxi. Choose from dolphin-watching tours, fishing charters, or sunset cruises. These tours offer a chance to appreciate the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast.

Visit the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum

 Learn about Biloxi’s rich maritime history and heritage at the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum. Discover exhibits on boatbuilding, shrimping, oystering, and the impact of hurricanes on the coastal community.

Explore the Walter Anderson Museum of Art

 Located in nearby Ocean Springs, the Walter Anderson Museum of Art showcases the works of Walter Anderson, a celebrated American artist known for his depictions of the Gulf Coast’s natural beauty. Marvel at his vibrant paintings, pottery, and murals.

Indulge in Southern Cuisine

 Biloxi offers a delectable array of Southern and Gulf Coast cuisine. Sample local specialties like fresh seafood, gumbo, po’boys, and beignets. Check out popular restaurants such as Mary Mahoney’s Old French House and Half Shell Oyster House.

Play Golf

 Biloxi is a golfer’s paradise, with numerous golf courses offering stunning views and challenging fairways. Tee off at courses like Grand Bear Golf Course, The Preserve Golf Club, or Fallen Oak Golf Course, designed by renowned golf architect Tom Fazio.

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